Commit 8e189a7d authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones

Simplify code slightly; no change in behaviour

parent 4a738e17
......@@ -1701,15 +1701,9 @@ tcRnGetInfo :: HscEnv
-- *and* as a type or class constructor;
-- hence the call to dataTcOccs, and we return up to two results
tcRnGetInfo hsc_env name
= initTcPrintErrors hsc_env iNTERACTIVE $
tcRnGetInfo' hsc_env name
tcRnGetInfo' :: HscEnv
-> Name
-> TcRn (TyThing, Fixity, [ClsInst])
tcRnGetInfo' hsc_env name
= let ictxt = hsc_IC hsc_env in
setInteractiveContext hsc_env ictxt $ do
initTcPrintErrors hsc_env iNTERACTIVE $
setInteractiveContext hsc_env ictxt $ do
-- Load the interface for all unqualified types and classes
-- That way we will find all the instance declarations
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