Commit 8ea8c371 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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Fix up the conditions for zeroing slop (#8402)

parent b9c6fd72
......@@ -457,20 +457,31 @@ INLINE_HEADER StgWord8 *mutArrPtrsCard (StgMutArrPtrs *a, W_ n)
OVERWRITING_CLOSURE(p) on the old closure that is about to be
In PROFILING mode, LDV profiling requires that we fill the slop
with zeroes, and record the old closure as dead (LDV_recordDead()).
Note [zeroing slop]
In DEBUG mode, we must overwrite the slop with zeroes, because the
sanity checker wants to walk through the heap checking all the
In some scenarios we write zero words into "slop"; memory that is
left unoccupied after we overwrite a closure in the heap with a
smaller closure.
In multicore mode, we *cannot* overwrite slop with zeroes, because
another thread might be reading it. So,
Zeroing slop is required for:
LDV PROFILING is not compatible with +RTS -N<n> (for n > 1)
- full-heap sanity checks (DEBUG, and +RTS -DS)
- LDV profiling (PROFILING, and +RTS -hb)
THREADED_RTS can be used with DEBUG, but full heap sanity
checking is disabled except after major GC.
Zeroing slop must be disabled for:
- THREADED_RTS with +RTS -N2 and greater, because we cannot
overwrite slop when another thread might be reading it.
Hence, slop is zeroed when either:
- PROFILING && era <= 0 (LDV is on)
And additionally:
- LDV profiling and +RTS -N2 are incompatible
- full-heap sanity checks are disabled for THREADED_RTS
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
......@@ -489,6 +500,11 @@ EXTERN_INLINE void overwritingClosure (StgClosure *p)
nat size, i;
#if defined(PROFILING) && !defined(DEBUG)
// see Note [zeroing slop]
if (era <= 0) return;
size = closure_sizeW(p);
// For LDV profiling, we need to record the closure as dead
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