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FIX Trac #1806: test for correct arity for datacon in infix pattern patch

Happily the fix is easy; pls merge
parent 4002418e
......@@ -717,9 +717,10 @@ tcConArgs data_con arg_tys (PrefixCon arg_pats) pstate thing_inside
con_arity = dataConSourceArity data_con
no_of_args = length arg_pats
tcConArgs data_con [arg_ty1,arg_ty2] (InfixCon p1 p2) pstate thing_inside
tcConArgs data_con arg_tys (InfixCon p1 p2) pstate thing_inside
= do { checkTc (con_arity == 2) -- Check correct arity
(arityErr "Constructor" data_con con_arity 2)
; let [arg_ty1,arg_ty2] = arg_tys -- This can't fail after the arity check
; ([p1',p2'], tvs, res) <- tcMultiple tcConArg [(p1,arg_ty1),(p2,arg_ty2)]
pstate thing_inside
; return (InfixCon p1' p2', tvs, res) }
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