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Fix IPRun by fixing the inferred quantification mechanism

parent 51462af9
......@@ -343,20 +343,28 @@ growWantedEVs gbl_tvs ws tvs
| isEmptyBag ws = tvs
| otherwise = fixVarSet (\tvs -> foldrBag (growWantedEV gbl_tvs) tvs ws) tvs
growEvVar :: TyVarSet -> EvVar -> TyVarSet -> TyVarSet
growWantedEV :: TyVarSet -> WantedEvVar -> TyVarSet -> TyVarSet
growWanted :: TyVarSet -> WantedConstraint -> TyVarSet -> TyVarSet
-- (growX gbls wanted tvs) grows a seed 'tvs' against the
-- X-constraint 'wanted', nuking the 'gbls' at each stage
growWantedEV gbl_tvs wev tvs
growEvVar gbl_tvs ev tvs
= tvs `unionVarSet` (ev_tvs `minusVarSet` gbl_tvs)
ev_tvs = growPredTyVars (wantedEvVarPred wev) tvs
ev_tvs = growPredTyVars (evVarPred ev) tvs
growWantedEV gbl_tvs wev tvs = growEvVar gbl_tvs (wantedEvVarToVar wev) tvs
growWanted gbl_tvs (WcEvVar wev) tvs
= growWantedEV gbl_tvs wev tvs
growWanted gbl_tvs (WcImplic implic) tvs
= foldrBag (growWanted (gbl_tvs `unionVarSet` ic_skols implic))
tvs (ic_wanted implic)
= foldrBag (growWanted inner_gbl_tvs)
(foldr (growEvVar inner_gbl_tvs) tvs (ic_given implic))
-- Must grow over inner givens too
(ic_wanted implic)
inner_gbl_tvs = gbl_tvs `unionVarSet` ic_skols implic
quantifyMe :: TyVarSet -- Quantifying over these
......@@ -369,8 +377,13 @@ quantifyMe qtvs wev
pred = wantedEvVarPred wev
quantifyMeWC :: TyVarSet -> WantedConstraint -> Bool
-- False => we can *definitely* float the WantedConstraint out
quantifyMeWC qtvs (WcImplic implic)
= anyBag (quantifyMeWC (qtvs `minusVarSet` ic_skols implic)) (ic_wanted implic)
= (tyVarsOfEvVars (ic_given implic) `intersectsVarSet` inner_qtvs)
|| anyBag (quantifyMeWC inner_qtvs) (ic_wanted implic)
inner_qtvs = qtvs `minusVarSet` ic_skols implic
quantifyMeWC qtvs (WcEvVar wev)
= quantifyMe qtvs wev
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