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Release Notes: New printf features in base

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......@@ -558,6 +558,24 @@
in their respective modules.
Rewrote portions of <literal>Text.Printf</literal>, and
made changes to <literal>Numeric</literal> (added
<literal>Numeric.showFFloatAlt</literal> and
<literal>Numeric.showGFloatAlt</literal>) and
<literal>GHC.Float</literal> (added
<literal>formatRealFloatAlt</literal>) to support it.
Rewritten version is extensible to user types, adds a
"generic" format specifier "<literal>%v</literal>",
extends the <literal>printf</literal> spec
to support much of C <literal>printf(3)</literal>
functionality, and fixes the spurious GHC warnings about
using <literal>Text.Printf.printf</literal> at
<literal>(IO a)</literal> and ignoring the return value.
This changes was contributed by Bart Massey.
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