Commit 975b3c32 authored by sewardj's avatar sewardj
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[project @ 2002-01-29 16:54:41 by sewardj]

x86 only: remove special ccall support for calling PerformGC_wrapper
using dodgy-looking calling convention.  PerformGC_wrapper was last
seen alive in GHC 3.X, AFAIK.
parent aeefae7c
......@@ -2703,18 +2703,6 @@ genCCall fn cconv kind args
#if i386_TARGET_ARCH
genCCall fn cconv ret_rep [StInt i]
| isLeft fn && unLeft fn == SLIT ("PerformGC_wrapper")
= let call = toOL [
MOV L (OpImm (ImmInt (fromInteger i))) (OpReg eax),
CALL (Left (ImmLit (ptext (if underscorePrefix
then (SLIT ("_PerformGC_wrapper"))
else (SLIT ("PerformGC_wrapper"))))))
returnNat call
genCCall fn cconv ret_rep args
= mapNat push_arg
(reverse args) `thenNat` \ sizes_n_codes ->
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