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Add utility function for vectorisation

parent 49012a1f
......@@ -2,7 +2,8 @@ module VectUtils (
collectAnnTypeBinders, collectAnnTypeArgs, isAnnTypeArg,
mkPADictType, mkPArrayType,
paDictArgType, paDictOfType
paDictArgType, paDictOfType,
) where
#include "HsVersions.h"
......@@ -104,3 +105,6 @@ paDFunApply dfun tys
dicts <- mapM paDictOfType tys
return $ mkApps (mkTyApps dfun tys) dicts
lookupPArrayFamInst :: Type -> VM (TyCon, [Type])
lookupPArrayFamInst ty = builtin parrayTyCon >>= (`lookupFamInst` [ty])
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