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[project @ 2001-09-23 20:45:24 by ken]

Fix the "find" commands we use to build a source distribution.
Previously, it said things like "-exec path/{}", which doesn't work
on many find's ({} really should only appear by itself in an argument).
Now we pipe the output of find -print to sed and then to sh.  I hope
the piping to sh doesn't break source distribution creation on Win32.

parent 349de67a
......@@ -268,8 +268,8 @@ dist ::
-rm -f $(SRC_DIST_NAME).tar.gz
mkdir $(SRC_DIST_DIR)
mkdir $(SRC_DIST_DIR)/mk
( cd $(FPTOOLS_TOP_ABS); $(FIND) $(SRC_DIST_DIRS) -type d \( -name CVS -prune -o -name SRC -prune -o -name tests -prune -o -exec mkdir $(SRC_DIST_DIR)/{} \; \) ; )
( cd $(FPTOOLS_TOP_ABS); $(FIND) $(SRC_DIST_DIRS) $(SRC_DIST_FILES) -name CVS -prune -o -name SRC -prune -o -name tests -prune -o -name "*~" -prune -o -name ".cvsignore" -prune -o -name "\#*" -prune -o -name ".\#*" -prune -o -name "log" -prune -o -name "*-SAVE" -prune -o -name "*.orig" -prune -o -name "*.rej" -prune -o ! -type d -exec $(LN_S) $(FPTOOLS_TOP_ABS)/{} $(SRC_DIST_DIR)/{} \; )
( cd $(FPTOOLS_TOP_ABS); $(FIND) $(SRC_DIST_DIRS) -type d \( -name CVS -prune -o -name SRC -prune -o -name tests -prune -o -print \) | sed -e 's\!.*!mkdir "$(SRC_DIST_DIR)/&"!' | sh )
( cd $(FPTOOLS_TOP_ABS); $(FIND) $(SRC_DIST_DIRS) $(SRC_DIST_FILES) -name CVS -prune -o -name SRC -prune -o -name tests -prune -o -name "*~" -prune -o -name ".cvsignore" -prune -o -name "\#*" -prune -o -name ".\#*" -prune -o -name "log" -prune -o -name "*-SAVE" -prune -o -name "*.orig" -prune -o -name "*.rej" -prune -o ! -type d -print | sed -e 's\!.*!$(LN_S) "$(FPTOOLS_TOP_ABS)/&" "$(SRC_DIST_DIR)/&"!' | sh )
# Automatic generation of a MANIFEST file for a source distribution
# tree that is ready to go.
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