Commit 9dadfbd7 authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2005-02-01 13:18:05 by simonmar]

Fix the source_unchanged test in the Hsc phase
parent d7080606
......@@ -656,10 +656,10 @@ runPhase (Hsc src_flavour) stop dflags basename suff input_fn get_output_fn _may
-- date wrt M.hs (or M.o doesn't exist) so we must recompile regardless.
let do_recomp = recompFlag dflags
source_unchanged <-
if not do_recomp || isStopLn stop
if not do_recomp || not (isStopLn stop)
-- Set source_unchanged to False unconditionally if
-- (a) recompilation checker is off, or
-- (b) we aren't going all the way to .o file (e.g. ghc -S),
-- (b) we aren't going all the way to .o file (e.g. ghc -S)
then return False
-- Otherwise look at file modification dates
else do o_file_exists <- doesFileExist o_file
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