Commit 9f68ccec authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow

loadThreadState should set HpAlloc=0

parent a307ad56
......@@ -306,6 +306,11 @@ loadThreadState dflags tso stack = do
-- SpLim = stack->stack + RESERVED_STACK_WORDS;
mkAssign spLim (cmmOffsetW dflags (cmmOffset dflags (CmmReg (CmmLocal stack)) (stack_STACK dflags))
-- HpAlloc = 0;
-- HpAlloc is assumed to be set to non-zero only by a failed
-- a heap check, see HeapStackCheck.cmm:GC_GENERIC
mkAssign hpAlloc (zeroExpr dflags),
openNursery dflags,
-- and load the current cost centre stack from the TSO when profiling:
if gopt Opt_SccProfilingOn dflags then
......@@ -367,13 +372,14 @@ stgHp = CmmReg hp
stgCurrentTSO = CmmReg currentTSO
stgCurrentNursery = CmmReg currentNursery
sp, spLim, hp, hpLim, currentTSO, currentNursery :: CmmReg
sp, spLim, hp, hpLim, currentTSO, currentNursery, hpAlloc :: CmmReg
sp = CmmGlobal Sp
spLim = CmmGlobal SpLim
hp = CmmGlobal Hp
hpLim = CmmGlobal HpLim
currentTSO = CmmGlobal CurrentTSO
currentNursery = CmmGlobal CurrentNursery
hpAlloc = CmmGlobal HpAlloc
-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
-- For certain types passed to foreign calls, we adjust the actual
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