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libffi: missing dependency on ffitarget.h

dist-install/build/ffi.h should have a dependency on ffitarget.h as *_stub.c requires it during the stage-2 build.
parent 287d8483
......@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ $(libffi_STAMP_CONFIGURE):
touch $@
libffi/dist-install/build/ffi.h: $(libffi_STAMP_CONFIGURE) | $$(dir $$@)/.
libffi/dist-install/build/ffi.h: $(libffi_STAMP_CONFIGURE) | libffi/dist-install/build/ffitarget.h $$(dir $$@)/.
"$(CP)" libffi/build/include/ffi.h $@
libffi/dist-install/build/ffitarget.h: $(libffi_STAMP_CONFIGURE) | $$(dir $$@)/.
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