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Improve implementation of unSubCo_maybe.

This is the result of an email conversation (off list) with
Conal Elliott, who needed a stronger unSubCo_maybe. This
commit adds cases to upgrade the role of a coercion when
recursion is necessary to do say (for example, for a use of
TransCo). As a side effect, more coercion optimizations are
now possible.

This was not done previously because unSubCo_maybe was used
only during coercion optimization, and the recursive cases
looked to be unlikely. However, adding them can cause no harm.

unSubCo_maybe is now also exported from Coercion, for use
cases like Conal's.
parent 0fe72682
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ module Coercion (
nthRole, tyConRolesX,
nextRole, unSubCo_maybe,
-- ** Coercion variables
mkCoVar, isCoVar, isCoVarType, coVarName, setCoVarName, setCoVarUnique,
......@@ -1051,16 +1051,26 @@ maybeSubCo2 r1 r2 co
-- if co is Nominal, returns it; otherwise, unwraps a SubCo; otherwise, fails
unSubCo_maybe :: Coercion -> Maybe Coercion
unSubCo_maybe co
| Nominal <- coercionRole co = Just co
unSubCo_maybe (SubCo co) = Just co
unSubCo_maybe (Refl _ ty) = Just $ Refl Nominal ty
unSubCo_maybe (TyConAppCo Representational tc cos)
= do { cos' <- mapM unSubCo_maybe cos
unSubCo_maybe (TyConAppCo Representational tc coes)
= do { cos' <- mapM unSubCo_maybe coes
; return $ TyConAppCo Nominal tc cos' }
unSubCo_maybe (UnivCo Representational ty1 ty2) = Just $ UnivCo Nominal ty1 ty2
-- We do *not* promote UnivCo Phantom, as that's unsafe.
-- UnivCo Nominal is no more unsafe than UnivCo Representational
unSubCo_maybe co
| Nominal <- coercionRole co = Just co
unSubCo_maybe (TransCo co1 co2)
= TransCo <$> unSubCo_maybe co1 <*> unSubCo_maybe co2
unSubCo_maybe (AppCo co1 co2)
= AppCo <$> unSubCo_maybe co1 <*> pure co2
unSubCo_maybe (ForAllCo tv co)
= ForAllCo tv <$> unSubCo_maybe co
unSubCo_maybe (NthCo n co)
= NthCo n <$> unSubCo_maybe co
unSubCo_maybe (InstCo co ty)
= InstCo <$> unSubCo_maybe co <*> pure ty
unSubCo_maybe _ = Nothing
-- takes any coercion and turns it into a Phantom coercion
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