Commit a5bab468 authored by's avatar

Fix -dynamic-too with -boot files

It was looking for Foo.dyn_hi rather than Foo.dyn_hi-boot, and so
falling back to the slow way
parent abde6c5f
......@@ -560,7 +560,8 @@ findAndReadIface doc_str mod hi_boot_file
dflags <- getDynFlags
whenGeneratingDynamicToo dflags $ withDoDynamicToo $ do
let ref = canGenerateDynamicToo dflags
dynFilePath = replaceExtension filePath (dynHiSuf dflags)
dynFilePath = addBootSuffix_maybe hi_boot_file
$ replaceExtension filePath (dynHiSuf dflags)
r <- read_file dynFilePath
case r of
Succeeded (dynIface, _)
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