Commit a662a986 authored by rrt's avatar rrt
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[project @ 2001-10-04 14:19:26 by rrt]

Move PrelGHC.ilx.real to PrelGHC.ilx.pp, for consistency with other such
files. Actually, the "preprocessing" just consists of copying it to
PrelGHC.ilx; it's done because ILX files aren't precious, and we don't want
it being deleted.
parent b28e7f85
// The ILX implementation of PrelGHC
// This file isn't really preprocessed, but it's kept as a .pp file
// because .ilx files aren't precious, and may be deleted
.module extern 'PrelBase.i_o'
.classunion import [.module 'PrelBase.i_o']PrelBase_Bool {.alternative 'PrelBase_False' ()
.alternative 'PrelBase_True' ()}
......@@ -456,7 +459,7 @@ end:
.method public static
class PrelGHC_Weakzh<!!1>
bake<any,any>(!!0,!!1 obj,thunk<(func () -> class [.module 'PrelBase.i_o']PrelBase_Z0T)> finalizer) {
bake<any,any>(!!0,!!1 obj,thunk<(func () --> class [.module 'PrelBase.i_o']PrelBase_Z0T)> finalizer) {
ldarg obj
ldarg finalizer
newobj void class 'PrelGHC_Weakzh'<!!1>::.ctor(!0 x, thunk<(func ( /* unit skipped */ ) --> class [.module 'PrelBase.i_o']PrelBase_Z0T)>)
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