Commit a759dad9 authored by Clemens Fruhwirth's avatar Clemens Fruhwirth
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Embedd DLL name into its import library, so client libs reference them properly in .idata

parent e8fcdc34
......@@ -372,14 +372,14 @@ $(LIBRARY): $(LIBOBJS) $(LIBRARY).o $(LIB_DEPS)
$(DLLTOOL) --output-def $@ --export-all $(LIBOBJS)
$(DLLTOOL) -D $(LIBRARY) --output-def $@ --export-all $(LIBOBJS)
$(DLLTOOL) --output-exp $(LIBRARY).o $(LIBOBJS)
$(DLLTOOL) -D $(LIBRARY) --output-exp $(LIBRARY).o $(LIBOBJS)
# Generates library.dll.a; by MinGW conventions, this is the dll's import library
$(DLLTOOL) --def $(LIBRARY).def --output-lib $@
$(DLLTOOL) -D $(LIBRARY) --def $(LIBRARY).def --output-lib $@
# Version information is baked into a DLL by having the DLL include DllVersionInfo.o.
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