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[project @ 2001-10-02 11:09:55 by simonmar]

Add a FAQ entry about using getContents in GHCi.
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......@@ -1109,8 +1109,31 @@ Prelude> :set -fno-glasgow-exts
properly with GHC's concurrency model.</para>
<term>After using <literal>getContents</literal>, I can't use
<literal>stdin</literal> again until I do
<literal>:load</literal> or <literal>:reload</literal>.</term>
<para>This is the defined behaviour of
<literal>getContents</literal>: it puts the stdin Handle in
a state known as <firstterm>semi-closed</firstterm>, wherein
any further I/O operations on it are forbidden. Because I/O
state is retained between computations, the semi-closed
state persists until the next <literal>:load</literal> or
<literal>:reload</literal> command.</para>
<para>You can make <literal>stdin</literal> reset itself
after every evaluation by giving GHCi the command
<literal>:set +r</literal>. This works because
<literal>stdin</literal> is just a top-level expression that
can be reverted to its unevaluated state in the same way as
any other top-level expression (CAF).</para>
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