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Empty forall should disable implicit quantification

parent de1f3165
......@@ -177,10 +177,14 @@ mkHsForAllTy exp tvs (L _ []) ty = mk_forall_ty exp tvs ty
mkHsForAllTy exp tvs ctxt ty = HsForAllTy exp tvs ctxt ty
-- mk_forall_ty makes a pure for-all type (no context)
mk_forall_ty Explicit [] ty = unLoc ty -- Explicit for-all with no tyvars
mk_forall_ty exp tvs (L _ (HsParTy ty)) = mk_forall_ty exp tvs ty
mk_forall_ty exp1 tvs1 (L _ (HsForAllTy exp2 tvs2 ctxt ty)) = mkHsForAllTy (exp1 `plus` exp2) (tvs1 ++ tvs2) ctxt ty
mk_forall_ty exp tvs ty = HsForAllTy exp tvs (L noSrcSpan []) ty
-- Even if tvs is empty, we still make a HsForAll!
-- In the Implicit case, this signals the place to do implicit quantification
-- In the Explicit case, it prevents implicit quantification
-- (see the sigtype production in Parser.y.pp)
-- so that (forall. ty) isn't implicitly quantified
Implicit `plus` Implicit = Implicit
exp1 `plus` exp2 = Explicit
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