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Comments about shadowing

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......@@ -299,6 +299,19 @@ data Bind b = NonRec b (Expr b)
deriving (Data, Typeable)
Note [Shadowing]
While various passes attempt to rename on-the-fly in a manner that
avoids "shadowing" (thereby simplifying downstream optimizations),
neither the simplifier nor any other pass GUARANTEES that shadowing is
avoided. Thus, all passes SHOULD work fine even in the presence of
arbitrary shadowing in their inputs.
In particular, scrutinee variables `x` in expressions of the form
`Case e x t` are often renamed to variables with a prefix
"wild_". These "wild" variables may appear in the body of the
case-expression, and further, may be shadowed within the body.
Note [Literal alternatives]
Literal alternatives (LitAlt lit) are always for *un-lifted* literals.
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