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Make absent-arg wrappers work for unlifted types (fix Trac #4306)

Previously we were simply passing arguments of unlifted
type to a wrapper, even if they were absent, which was

See Note [Absent error Id] in WwLib.
parent a6a4c8a8
......@@ -72,6 +72,7 @@ import CostCentre
import Unique
import Outputable
import TysPrim
import PrelNames( absentErrorIdKey )
import FastString
import Maybes
import Util
......@@ -670,7 +671,10 @@ exprOkForSpeculation (Case e _ _ alts)
exprOkForSpeculation other_expr
= case collectArgs other_expr of
(Var f, args) -> spec_ok (idDetails f) args
(Var f, args) | f `hasKey` absentErrorIdKey -- Note [Absent error Id]
-> all exprOkForSpeculation args -- in WwLib
| otherwise
-> spec_ok (idDetails f) args
_ -> False
......@@ -17,7 +17,8 @@ import Id ( Id, idType, mkSysLocal, idDemandInfo, setIdDemandInfo,
import IdInfo ( vanillaIdInfo )
import DataCon
import Demand ( Demand(..), DmdResult(..), Demands(..) )
import MkId ( realWorldPrimId, voidArgId, mkRuntimeErrorApp, rUNTIME_ERROR_ID,
import MkCore ( mkRuntimeErrorApp, aBSENT_ERROR_ID )
import MkId ( realWorldPrimId, voidArgId,
mkUnpackCase, mkProductBox )
import TysWiredIn ( tupleCon )
import Type
......@@ -345,8 +346,7 @@ mkWWstr_one arg
-- Absent case. We don't deal with absence for unlifted types,
-- though, because it's not so easy to manufacture a placeholder
-- We'll see if this turns out to be a problem
Abs | not (isUnLiftedType (idType arg)) ->
return ([], nop_fn, mk_absent_let arg)
Abs -> return ([], nop_fn, mk_absent_let arg)
-- Unpack case
Eval (Prod cs)
......@@ -493,17 +493,29 @@ workerCase bndr e args con body = mkUnpackCase bndr e args con body
Note [Absent error Id]
We make a new binding for Ids that are marked absent, thus
let x = absentError "x :: Int"
The idea is that this binding will never be used; but if it
buggily is used we'll get a runtime error message.
We do this even for *unlifted* types (e.g. Int#). We define
absentError to *not* be a bottoming Id, and we treat it as
"ok for speculation" (see CoreUtils.okForSpeculation). That
means that the let won't get turned into a case, and will
be discarded if (as we fully expect) x turns out to be dead.
Coping with absence for unlifted types is important; see, for
example, Trac #4306.
mk_absent_let :: Id -> CoreExpr -> CoreExpr
mk_absent_let arg body
| not (isUnLiftedType arg_ty)
= Let (NonRec arg abs_rhs) body
| otherwise
= panic "WwLib: haven't done mk_absent_let for primitives yet"
arg_ty = idType arg
abs_rhs = mkRuntimeErrorApp rUNTIME_ERROR_ID arg_ty msg
msg = "Oops! Entered absent arg " ++ showSDocDebug (ppr arg <+> ppr (idType arg))
arg_ty = idType arg
abs_rhs = mkRuntimeErrorApp aBSENT_ERROR_ID arg_ty msg
msg = showSDocDebug (ppr arg <+> ppr (idType arg))
mk_seq_case :: Id -> CoreExpr -> CoreExpr
mk_seq_case arg body = Case (Var arg) (sanitiseCaseBndr arg) (exprType body) [(DEFAULT, [], body)]
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