Commit affb3578 authored by simonpj's avatar simonpj
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[project @ 2000-10-05 16:45:07 by simonpj]

parent dc4239eb
......@@ -335,9 +335,16 @@ tcHsType (HsListTy ty)
= tcHsArgType ty `thenTc` \ tau_ty ->
returnTc (mkListTy tau_ty)
tcHsType (HsTupleTy (HsTupCon _ boxity) tys)
tcHsType (HsTupleTy (HsTupCon _ Boxed) tys)
= mapTc tcHsArgType tys `thenTc` \ tau_tys ->
returnTc (mkTupleTy boxity (length tys) tau_tys)
returnTc (mkTupleTy Boxed (length tys) tau_tys)
tcHsType (HsTupleTy (HsTupCon _ Unboxed) tys)
= -- Unboxed tuples can have polymorphic args.
-- This happens in the workers for functions returning
-- product types with polymorphic components
mapTc tcHsType tys `thenTc` \ tau_tys ->
returnTc (mkTupleTy Unboxed (length tys) tau_tys)
tcHsType (HsFunTy ty1 ty2)
= tcHsType ty1 `thenTc` \ tau_ty1 ->
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