Commit b1e64155 authored by Matthew Pickering's avatar Matthew Pickering

More comments about InlinePragmas

Just pointers about where to look in the source code.
parent 0c37aef2
......@@ -980,6 +980,8 @@ if an Id has defaultInlinePragma it means the user didn't specify anything.
If inl_inline = Inline or Inlineable, then the Id should have an InlineRule unfolding.
If you want to know where InlinePragmas take effect: Look in DsBinds.mkCorePair
Note [CONLIKE pragma]
The ConLike constructor of a RuleMatchInfo is aimed at the following.
......@@ -347,6 +347,11 @@ dsHsBind dflags (AbsBindsSig { abs_tvs = tyvars, abs_ev_vars = dicts
dsHsBind _ (PatSynBind{}) = panic "dsHsBind: PatSynBind"
-- | This is where we apply INLINE and INLINABLE pragmas. All we need to
-- do is to attach the unfolding information to the Id. When the interface
-- files are created, unfoldings are only attached if the information is
-- present.
makeCorePair :: DynFlags -> Id -> Bool -> Arity -> CoreExpr -> (Id, CoreExpr)
makeCorePair dflags gbl_id is_default_method dict_arity rhs
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