Commit b3a2cf8f authored by Jan Stolarek's avatar Jan Stolarek

Minor code refactoring in HscMain

Compiled HscMain.o is now smaller.
parent 00226dd9
......@@ -1280,12 +1280,8 @@ tryNewCodeGen hsc_env this_mod data_tycons
| otherwise
= {-# SCC "cmmPipeline" #-}
let initTopSRT = initUs_ us emptySRT in
let run_pipeline topSRT cmmgroup = do
(topSRT, cmmgroup) <- cmmPipeline hsc_env topSRT cmmgroup
return (topSRT,cmmgroup)
let initTopSRT = initUs_ us emptySRT
run_pipeline = cmmPipeline hsc_env
in do topSRT <- Stream.mapAccumL run_pipeline initTopSRT ppr_stream1
Stream.yield (srtToData topSRT)
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