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More fixes for unboxed tuples

This is a continuation of
   commit e9e61f18
   Date:   Thu May 26 15:24:53 2016 +0100
   Reduce special-casing for nullary unboxed tuple

which related to Trac #12115.  But typecheck/should_run/tcrun051
revealed that my patch was incomplete.

This fixes it, by removing another special case in Type.repType.
I had also missed a case in UnariseStg.unariseIdBinder.

I took the opportunity to add explanatory notes
  Note [Unarisation]
  Note [Unarisation and nullary tuples]
in UnariseStg
parent cd50d236
......@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@
Note [Unarisation]
The idea of this pass is to translate away *all* unboxed-tuple binders. So for example:
The idea of this pass is to translate away *all* unboxed-tuple binders.
So for example:
f (x :: (# Int, Bool #)) = f x + f (# 1, True #)
......@@ -18,10 +18,55 @@ this example the type of 'f' changes, for example.
STG fed to the code generators *must* be unarised because the code generators do
not support unboxed tuple binders natively.
In more detail:
Suppose that a variable x : (# t1, t2 #).
* At the binding site for x, make up fresh vars x1:t1, x2:t2
* Extend the UniariseEnv x :-> [x1,x2]
* Replace the binding with a curried binding for x1,x2
Lambda: \x.e ==> \x1 x2. e
Case alt: MkT a b x c d -> e ==> MkT a b x1 x2 c d -> e
* Replace argument occurrences with a sequence of args
via a lookup in UnariseEnv
f a b x c d ==> f a b x1 x2 c d
* Replace tail-call occurrences with an unboxed tuple
via a lookup in UnariseEnv
x ==> (# x1, x2 #)
So, for example
f x = x ==> f x1 x2 = (# x1, x2 #)
This applies to case scrutinees too
case x of (# a,b #) -> e ==> case (# x1,x2 #) of (# a,b #) -> e
I think we rely on the code generator to short-circuit this
case without generating any actual code.
Of course all this applies recursively, so that we flattn out nested tuples.
Note [Unarisation and nullary tuples]
The above scheme has a special cases for nullary unboxed tuples, x :: (# #)
* Extend the UnariseEnv with x :-> [voidPrimId]
* Replace bindings with a binding for void:Void#
\x. e => \void. e
and similarly case alternatives
* If we find (# #) as an argument all by itself
f ...(# #)...
it looks like an Id, so we look up in UnariseEnv. We want to replace it
with voidPrimId, so the convenient thing is to initalise the UniariseEnv
with (# #) :-> [voidPrimId]
See also Note [Nullary unboxed tuple] in Type.hs.
Note [Unarisation and arity]
Because of unarisation, the arity that will be recorded in the generated info table
for an Id may be larger than the idArity. Instead we record what we call the RepArity,
which is the Arity taking into account any expanded arguments, and corresponds to
......@@ -39,7 +84,7 @@ import StgSyn
import VarEnv
import UniqSupply
import Id
import MkId (realWorldPrimId)
import MkId ( voidPrimId, voidArgId )
import Type
import TysWiredIn
import DataCon
......@@ -58,13 +103,12 @@ import BasicTypes
-- the domain of the mapping at all.
type UnariseEnv = VarEnv [Id]
ubxTupleId0 :: Id
ubxTupleId0 = dataConWorkId (tupleDataCon Unboxed 0)
unarise :: UniqSupply -> [StgBinding] -> [StgBinding]
unarise us binds = zipWith (\us -> unariseBinding us init_env) (listSplitUniqSupply us) binds
where -- See Note [Nullary unboxed tuple] in Type.hs
init_env = unitVarEnv ubxTupleId0 [realWorldPrimId]
-- See Note [Unarisation and nullary tuples]
nullary_tup = dataConWorkId unboxedUnitDataCon
init_env = unitVarEnv nullary_tup [voidPrimId]
unariseBinding :: UniqSupply -> UnariseEnv -> StgBinding -> StgBinding
unariseBinding us rho bind = case bind of
......@@ -170,7 +214,7 @@ unariseIds rho = concatMap (unariseId rho)
unariseId :: UnariseEnv -> Id -> [Id]
unariseId rho x
| Just ys <- lookupVarEnv rho x
= ASSERT2( case repType (idType x) of UbxTupleRep _ -> True; _ -> x == ubxTupleId0
= ASSERT2( case repType (idType x) of UbxTupleRep _ -> True; _ -> False
, text "unariseId: not unboxed tuple" <+> ppr x )
......@@ -182,13 +226,24 @@ unariseId rho x
unariseIdBinders :: UniqSupply -> UnariseEnv -> [Id] -> (UniqSupply, UnariseEnv, [Id])
unariseIdBinders us rho xs = third3 concat $ mapAccumL2 unariseIdBinder us rho xs
unariseIdBinder :: UniqSupply -> UnariseEnv -> Id -> (UniqSupply, UnariseEnv, [Id])
unariseIdBinder :: UniqSupply -> UnariseEnv
-> Id -- Binder
-> (UniqSupply,
UnariseEnv, -- What to expand to at occurrence sites
[Id]) -- What to expand to at binding site
unariseIdBinder us rho x = case repType (idType x) of
UnaryRep _ -> (us, rho, [x])
UbxTupleRep tys -> let (us0, us1) = splitUniqSupply us
ys = unboxedTupleBindersFrom us0 x tys
rho' = extendVarEnv rho x ys
in (us1, rho', ys)
UnaryRep {} -> (us, rho, [x])
UbxTupleRep tys
| null tys -> -- See Note [Unarisation and nullary tuples]
let ys = [voidPrimId]
rho' = extendVarEnv rho x ys
in (us, rho', [voidArgId])
| otherwise -> let (us0, us1) = splitUniqSupply us
ys = unboxedTupleBindersFrom us0 x tys
rho' = extendVarEnv rho x ys
in (us1, rho', ys)
unboxedTupleBindersFrom :: UniqSupply -> Id -> [UnaryType] -> [Id]
unboxedTupleBindersFrom us x tys = zipWith (mkSysLocalOrCoVar fs) (uniqsFromSupply us) tys
......@@ -141,7 +141,7 @@ module Type (
-- * Type representation for the code generator
typePrimRep, typeRepArity, kindPrimRep, tyConPrimRep,
typePrimRep, typeRepArity, tyConPrimRep,
-- * Main type substitution data types
TvSubstEnv, -- Representation widely visible
......@@ -1715,7 +1715,7 @@ typeSize (CoercionTy co) = coercionSize co
********************************************************************** -}
{- Note [Nullary unboxed tuple]
At runtime we represent the nullary unboxed tuple as the type Void#.
To see why, consider
f2 :: (# Int, Int #) -> Int
......@@ -1731,6 +1731,8 @@ we'll transform to
We do not want to give f0 zero arguments, otherwise a lambda will
turn into a thunk! So we want to get
f0 :: Void# -> Int
See Note [Unarisation and nullary tuples] in UnariseStg for more detail.
type UnaryType = Type
......@@ -1777,9 +1779,7 @@ repType ty
= go rec_nts' (newTyConInstRhs tc tys)
| isUnboxedTupleTyCon tc
= if null tys
then UnaryRep voidPrimTy -- See Note [Nullary unboxed tuple]
else UbxTupleRep (concatMap (flattenRepType . go rec_nts) non_rr_tys)
= UbxTupleRep (concatMap (flattenRepType . go rec_nts) non_rr_tys)
-- See Note [Unboxed tuple RuntimeRep vars] in TyCon
non_rr_tys = dropRuntimeRepArgs tys
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