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Module import test

parent 65d3fd53
module Mod172_B( module Mod172_C ) where
import Mod172_C
module Mod172_C( f,g ) where
class A a where f :: a
data R = R { g :: Int }
......@@ -227,4 +227,7 @@ clean(['Mod170_A.hi', 'Mod170_A.o'])
test('mod171', normal, multimod_compile, ['mod171', '-v0 -Wall'])
clean(['Mod171_A.hi', 'Mod171_A.o', 'Mod171_B.hi', 'Mod171_B.o'])
test('mod172', normal, multimod_compile, ['mod172', '-v0'])
clean(['Mod172_B.hi', 'Mod172_B.o', 'Mod172_C.hi', 'Mod172_C.o'])
# After here we have GHC-only tests (the ones above are copied from Hugs)
-- Hugs failed this test Jan06
module Mod172 where
import Mod172_B (f,g)
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