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[project @ 2001-10-16 10:50:11 by simonmar]

mention that identifiers beginning with a double underscore are to be
avoided in -fglasgow-exts mode.
parent 30e84fce
......@@ -36,6 +36,16 @@
single qualified operator rather than the two lexemes
<literal>M</literal> and <literal>.\</literal>.</para>
<para>When <option>-fglasgow-exts</option> is on, GHC
reserves several keywords beginning with two underscores.
This is due to the fact that GHC uses the same lexical
analyser for interface file parsing as it does for source
file parsing, and these keywords are used in interface
files. Do not use any identifiers beginning with a double
underscore in <option>-fglasgow-exts</option> mode.</para>
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