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Add missing signatures

parent a8407757
......@@ -1288,7 +1288,8 @@ kind2 = liftedTypeKind `mkArrowKind` kind1
gfoldl_RDR, gunfold_RDR, toConstr_RDR, dataTypeOf_RDR, mkConstr_RDR,
mkDataType_RDR, conIndex_RDR, prefix_RDR, infix_RDR,
dataCast1_RDR, dataCast2_RDR, gcast1_RDR, gcast2_RDR :: RdrName
dataCast1_RDR, dataCast2_RDR, gcast1_RDR, gcast2_RDR,
constr_RDR, dataType_RDR :: RdrName
gfoldl_RDR = varQual_RDR gENERICS (fsLit "gfoldl")
gunfold_RDR = varQual_RDR gENERICS (fsLit "gunfold")
toConstr_RDR = varQual_RDR gENERICS (fsLit "toConstr")
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