Commit ba38f995 authored by's avatar

Avoid putting uniqs in specconstr rules; part of #4012

There's no need to have the uniq in the rule, but its presence can
cause spurious ABI changes.
parent ede3bd92
......@@ -1378,9 +1378,13 @@ spec_one env fn arg_bndrs body (call_pat@(qvars, pats), rule_number)
(arg_bndrs `zip` pats)
fn_name = idName fn
fn_loc = nameSrcSpan fn_name
spec_occ = mkSpecOcc (nameOccName fn_name)
dflags = sc_dflags env
rule_name = mkFastString ("SC:" ++ showSDoc dflags (ppr fn <> int rule_number))
fn_occ = nameOccName fn_name
spec_occ = mkSpecOcc fn_occ
-- We use fn_occ rather than fn in the rule_name string
-- as we don't want the uniq to end up in the rule, and
-- hence in the ABI, as that can cause spurious ABI
-- changes (#4012).
rule_name = mkFastString ("SC:" ++ occNameString fn_occ ++ show rule_number)
spec_name = mkInternalName spec_uniq spec_occ fn_loc
-- ; pprTrace "{spec_one" (ppr (sc_count env) <+> ppr fn <+> ppr pats <+> text "-->" <+> ppr spec_name) $
-- return ()
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