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Mention GHC's relaxation of the layout rule
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<sect3 id="infelicities-syntax">
<title>Context-free syntax</title>
<para>GHC is a little less strict about the layout rule when used
in <literal>do</literal> expressions. Specifically, the
restriction that "a nested context must be indented further to
the right than the enclosing context" is relaxed to allow the
nested context to be at the same level as the enclosing context,
if the enclosing context is a <literal>do</literal>
<para>For example, the following code is accepted by GHC:
main = do args &lt;- getArgs
if null args then return [] else do
ps &lt;- mapM process args
mapM print ps</programlisting>
<para>GHC doesn't do fixity resolution in expressions during
parsing. For example, according to the Haskell report, the
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