Commit c1fa1f50 authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2006-01-03 12:53:40 by simonmar]

for TSO fields, define a Cmm macro TSO_OFFSET_xxx to get the actual
offset including the header and variable parts (we were misusing the
headerless OFFSET_xxx macros in a couple of places).
parent a2a6d28c
......@@ -169,21 +169,27 @@
thunk_field_offset_(str,s_type,field) \
field_type_(str, s_type, field); \
* Byte offset and MachRep for a TSO field, minus the header and
* variable prof bit.
#define tso_offset(s_type, field) \
/* Byte offset for a TSO field, minus the header and variable prof bit. */
#define tso_payload_offset(s_type, field) \
def_offset(str(s_type,field), OFFSET(s_type,field) - sizeof(StgHeader) - sizeof(StgTSOProfInfo));
#define tso_field_macro(str) \
printf("#define " str "(__ptr__) REP_" str "[__ptr__+SIZEOF_StgHeader+SIZEOF_OPT_StgTSOProfInfo+SIZEOF_OPT_StgTSOParInfo+SIZEOF_OPT_StgTSOGranInfo+SIZEOF_OPT_StgTSODistInfo+OFFSET_" str "]\n");
/* Full byte offset for a TSO field, for use from Cmm */
#define tso_field_offset_macro(str) \
printf("#define TSO_OFFSET_" str " (SIZEOF_StgHeader+SIZEOF_OPT_StgTSOProfInfo+SIZEOF_OPT_StgTSOParInfo+SIZEOF_OPT_StgTSOGranInfo+SIZEOF_OPT_StgTSODistInfo+OFFSET_" str ")\n");
#define tso_field_offset(s_type, field) \
tso_payload_offset(s_type, field); \
#define tso_field_macro(str) \
printf("#define " str "(__ptr__) REP_" str "[__ptr__+TSO_OFFSET_" str "]\n")
#define tso_field(s_type, field) \
tso_offset(s_type, field); \
tso_payload_offset(s_type, field); \
field_type(s_type, field); \
tso_field_offset(s_type,field); \
#define opt_struct_size(s_type, option) \
printf("#ifdef " #option "\n"); \
printf("#define SIZEOF_OPT_" #s_type " SIZEOF_" #s_type "\n"); \
......@@ -308,7 +314,7 @@ main(int argc, char *argv[])
closure_field(StgTSO, trec);
closure_field_("StgTSO_CCCS", StgTSO, prof.CCCS);
tso_field(StgTSO, sp);
tso_offset(StgTSO, stack);
tso_field_offset(StgTSO, stack);
tso_field(StgTSO, stack_size);
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