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Use command-dependent word break characters for tab completion in ghci. Fixes bug #998.

parent 493fd9df
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ import GHC.Exts
-- GHCi monad
type Command = (String, String -> GHCi Bool, Bool, String -> IO [String])
type Command = (String, String -> GHCi Bool, Maybe String, String -> IO [String])
data GHCiState = GHCiState
......@@ -106,49 +106,67 @@ GLOBAL_VAR(macros_ref, [], [Command])
builtin_commands :: [Command]
builtin_commands = [
-- Hugs users are accustomed to :e, so make sure it doesn't overlap
("?", keepGoing help, False, completeNone),
("add", keepGoingPaths addModule, False, completeFilename),
("abandon", keepGoing abandonCmd, False, completeNone),
("break", keepGoing breakCmd, False, completeIdentifier),
("back", keepGoing backCmd, False, completeNone),
("browse", keepGoing (browseCmd False), False, completeModule),
("browse!", keepGoing (browseCmd True), False, completeModule),
("cd", keepGoing changeDirectory, False, completeFilename),
("check", keepGoing checkModule, False, completeHomeModule),
("continue", keepGoing continueCmd, False, completeNone),
("cmd", keepGoing cmdCmd, False, completeIdentifier),
("ctags", keepGoing createCTagsFileCmd, False, completeFilename),
("def", keepGoing (defineMacro False), False, completeIdentifier),
("def!", keepGoing (defineMacro True), False, completeIdentifier),
("delete", keepGoing deleteCmd, False, completeNone),
("e", keepGoing editFile, False, completeFilename),
("edit", keepGoing editFile, False, completeFilename),
("etags", keepGoing createETagsFileCmd, False, completeFilename),
("force", keepGoing forceCmd, False, completeIdentifier),
("forward", keepGoing forwardCmd, False, completeNone),
("help", keepGoing help, False, completeNone),
("history", keepGoing historyCmd, False, completeNone),
("info", keepGoing info, False, completeIdentifier),
("kind", keepGoing kindOfType, False, completeIdentifier),
("load", keepGoingPaths loadModule_, False, completeHomeModuleOrFile),
("list", keepGoing listCmd, False, completeNone),
("module", keepGoing setContext, False, completeModule),
("main", keepGoing runMain, False, completeIdentifier),
("print", keepGoing printCmd, False, completeIdentifier),
("quit", quit, False, completeNone),
("reload", keepGoing reloadModule, False, completeNone),
("set", keepGoing setCmd, True, completeSetOptions),
("show", keepGoing showCmd, False, completeNone),
("sprint", keepGoing sprintCmd, False, completeIdentifier),
("step", keepGoing stepCmd, False, completeIdentifier),
("steplocal", keepGoing stepLocalCmd, False, completeIdentifier),
("stepmodule",keepGoing stepModuleCmd, False, completeIdentifier),
("type", keepGoing typeOfExpr, False, completeIdentifier),
("trace", keepGoing traceCmd, False, completeIdentifier),
("undef", keepGoing undefineMacro, False, completeMacro),
("unset", keepGoing unsetOptions, True, completeSetOptions)
("?", keepGoing help, Nothing, completeNone),
("add", keepGoingPaths addModule, Just filenameWordBreakChars, completeFilename),
("abandon", keepGoing abandonCmd, Nothing, completeNone),
("break", keepGoing breakCmd, Nothing, completeIdentifier),
("back", keepGoing backCmd, Nothing, completeNone),
("browse", keepGoing (browseCmd False), Nothing, completeModule),
("browse!", keepGoing (browseCmd True), Nothing, completeModule),
("cd", keepGoing changeDirectory, Just filenameWordBreakChars, completeFilename),
("check", keepGoing checkModule, Nothing, completeHomeModule),
("continue", keepGoing continueCmd, Nothing, completeNone),
("cmd", keepGoing cmdCmd, Nothing, completeIdentifier),
("ctags", keepGoing createCTagsFileCmd, Just filenameWordBreakChars, completeFilename),
("def", keepGoing (defineMacro False), Nothing, completeIdentifier),
("def!", keepGoing (defineMacro True), Nothing, completeIdentifier),
("delete", keepGoing deleteCmd, Nothing, completeNone),
("e", keepGoing editFile, Just filenameWordBreakChars, completeFilename),
("edit", keepGoing editFile, Just filenameWordBreakChars, completeFilename),
("etags", keepGoing createETagsFileCmd, Just filenameWordBreakChars, completeFilename),
("force", keepGoing forceCmd, Nothing, completeIdentifier),
("forward", keepGoing forwardCmd, Nothing, completeNone),
("help", keepGoing help, Nothing, completeNone),
("history", keepGoing historyCmd, Nothing, completeNone),
("info", keepGoing info, Nothing, completeIdentifier),
("kind", keepGoing kindOfType, Nothing, completeIdentifier),
("load", keepGoingPaths loadModule_, Just filenameWordBreakChars, completeHomeModuleOrFile),
("list", keepGoing listCmd, Nothing, completeNone),
("module", keepGoing setContext, Nothing, completeModule),
("main", keepGoing runMain, Nothing, completeIdentifier),
("print", keepGoing printCmd, Nothing, completeIdentifier),
("quit", quit, Nothing, completeNone),
("reload", keepGoing reloadModule, Nothing, completeNone),
("set", keepGoing setCmd, Just flagWordBreakChars, completeSetOptions),
("show", keepGoing showCmd, Nothing, completeNone),
("sprint", keepGoing sprintCmd, Nothing, completeIdentifier),
("step", keepGoing stepCmd, Nothing, completeIdentifier),
("steplocal", keepGoing stepLocalCmd, Nothing, completeIdentifier),
("stepmodule",keepGoing stepModuleCmd, Nothing, completeIdentifier),
("type", keepGoing typeOfExpr, Nothing, completeIdentifier),
("trace", keepGoing traceCmd, Nothing, completeIdentifier),
("undef", keepGoing undefineMacro, Nothing, completeMacro),
("unset", keepGoing unsetOptions, Just flagWordBreakChars, completeSetOptions)
-- We initialize readline (in the interactiveUI function) to use
-- word_break_chars as the default set of completion word break characters.
-- This can be overridden for a particular command (for example, filename
-- expansion shouldn't consider '/' to be a word break) by setting the third
-- entry in the Command tuple above.
-- NOTE: in order for us to override the default correctly, any custom entry
-- must be a SUBSET of word_break_chars.
word_break_chars, flagWordBreakChars, filenameWordBreakChars :: String
word_break_chars = let symbols = "!#$%&*+/<=>?@\\^|-~"
specials = "(),;[]`{}"
spaces = " \t\n"
in spaces ++ specials ++ symbols
flagWordBreakChars = " \t\n"
filenameWordBreakChars = " \t\n\\`@$><=;|&{(" -- bash defaults
keepGoing :: (String -> GHCi ()) -> (String -> GHCi Bool)
keepGoing a str = a str >> return False
......@@ -290,11 +308,6 @@ interactiveUI session srcs maybe_expr = do
Readline.setAttemptedCompletionFunction (Just completeWord)
--Readline.parseAndBind "set show-all-if-ambiguous 1"
let symbols = "!#$%&*+/<=>?@\\^|-~"
specials = "(),;[]`{}"
spaces = " \t\n"
word_break_chars = spaces ++ specials ++ symbols
Readline.setBasicWordBreakCharacters word_break_chars
Readline.setCompleterWordBreakCharacters word_break_chars
......@@ -936,7 +949,7 @@ defineMacro overwrite s = do
case maybe_hv of
Nothing -> return ()
Just hv -> io (writeIORef macros_ref --
(filtered ++ [(macro_name, runMacro hv, False, completeNone)]))
(filtered ++ [(macro_name, runMacro hv, Nothing, completeNone)]))
runMacro :: GHC.HValue{-String -> IO String-} -> String -> GHCi Bool
runMacro fun s = do
......@@ -1619,23 +1632,24 @@ completeWord w start end = do
':':_ | all isSpace (take (start-1) line) -> wrapCompleter completeCmd w
| ((':':c) : _) <- line_words -> do
maybe_cmd <- lookupCommand' c
let (n,w') = selectWord (words' 0 line)
case maybe_cmd of
Nothing -> return Nothing
Just (_,_,False,complete) -> wrapCompleter complete w
Just (_,_,True,complete) -> let complete' w = do rets <- complete w
return (map (drop n) rets)
in wrapCompleter complete' w'
completionVars <- lookupCompletionVars c
case completionVars of
(Nothing,complete) -> wrapCompleter complete w
(Just breakChars,complete)
-> let (n,w') = selectWord
(words' (`elem` breakChars) 0 line)
complete' w = do rets <- complete w
return (map (drop n) rets)
in wrapCompleter complete' w'
| ("import" : _) <- line_words ->
wrapCompleter completeModule w
| otherwise -> do
--printf "complete %s, start = %d, end = %d\n" w start end
wrapCompleter completeIdentifier w
where words' _ [] = []
words' n str = let (w,r) = break isSpace str
(s,r') = span isSpace r
in (n,w):words' (n+length w+length s) r'
where words' _ _ [] = []
words' isBreak n str = let (w,r) = break isBreak str
(s,r') = span isBreak r
in (n,w):words' isBreak (n+length w+length s) r'
-- In a Haskell expression we want to parse 'a-b' as three words
-- where a compiler flag (ie. -fno-monomorphism-restriction) should
-- only be a single word.
......@@ -1643,6 +1657,16 @@ completeWord w start end = do
selectWord ((offset,x):xs)
| offset+length x >= start = (start-offset,take (end-offset) x)
| otherwise = selectWord xs
lookupCompletionVars ('!':_) = return (Just filenameWordBreakChars,
lookupCompletionVars c = do
maybe_cmd <- lookupCommand' c
case maybe_cmd of
Just (_,_,ws,f) -> return (ws,f)
Nothing -> return (Just filenameWordBreakChars,
completeCmd :: String -> IO [String]
completeCmd w = do
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