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Mention problem with ld on Windows
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......@@ -4317,6 +4317,24 @@ Cygwin programs have a more complicated mount table, and map the lettered drives
<sect3><title>Crippled <command>ld</command></title>
It turns out that on both Cygwin and MSYS, the <command>ld</command> has a
limit of 32kbytes on its command line. Especially when using split object
files, the make system can emit calls to <command>ld</command> with thousands
of files on it. Then you may see something like this:
(cd Graphics/Rendering/OpenGL/GL/QueryUtils_split &amp;&amp; /mingw/bin/ld -r -x -o ../QueryUtils.o *.o)
/bin/sh: /mingw/bin/ld: Invalid argument
The solution is either to switch off object file splitting (set
<option>SplitObjs</option> to <literal>NO</literal> in your
or to make the module smaller.
<sect3><title>Host System vs Target System</title>
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