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Improve documentation of the way that defaulting to IO happens in GHCi

Thanks to John Hughes for the suggestion.
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......@@ -358,10 +358,10 @@ Prelude> 5+5
<sect2><title>I/O actions at the prompt</title>
<sect2 id="actions-at-prompt"><title>I/O actions at the prompt</title>
<para>GHCi does more than simple expression evaluation at the prompt.
If you type something of type <literal>IO a</literal> for some
If you enter an expression of type <literal>IO a</literal> for some
<literal>a</literal>, then GHCi <emphasis>executes</emphasis> it
as an IO-computation.
......@@ -370,6 +370,12 @@ Prelude> "hello"
Prelude> putStrLn "hello"
This works even if the type of the expression is more general,
provided it can be <emphasis>instantiated</emphasis> to <literal>IO a</literal>. For example
Prelude> return True
Furthermore, GHCi will print the result of the I/O action if (and only
......@@ -1088,8 +1094,12 @@ def = toEnum 0
doesn't require extensions to the class system), so if the type defaults to
<literal>Integer</literal> then ghci gives an error when running a
<para>See also <xref linkend="actions-at-prompt"/> for how the monad of a computational
expression defaults to <literal>IO</literal> if possible.
<sect2 id="ghci-interactive-print">
<title>Using a custom interactive printing function</title>
<para>[<emphasis role="bold">New in version 7.6.1</emphasis>]
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