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Kinding wibble in TH brackets

parent 8002c9d5
......@@ -26,7 +26,8 @@ import HsSyn ( HsExpr(..), LHsExpr, ArithSeqInfo(..), recBindFields,
import TcHsSyn ( hsLitType )
import TcRnMonad
import TcUnify ( tcInfer, tcSubExp, tcGen, boxyUnify, subFunTys, zapToMonotype, stripBoxyType,
boxySplitListTy, boxySplitTyConApp, wrapFunResCoercion, boxySubMatchType, unBox )
boxySplitListTy, boxySplitTyConApp, wrapFunResCoercion, boxySubMatchType,
unBox )
import BasicTypes ( Arity, isMarkedStrict )
import Inst ( newMethodFromName, newIPDict, instToId,
newDicts, newMethodWithGivenTy, tcInstStupidTheta )
......@@ -992,8 +993,14 @@ thBrackId orig id_name id ps_var lie_var
-- solve this, and it's probably unimportant, so I'm
-- just going to flag an error for now
; id_ty' <- zapToMonotype id_ty
-- The id_ty might have an OpenTypeKind, but we
-- can't instantiate the Lift class at that kind,
-- so we zap it to a LiftedTypeKind monotype
-- C.f. the call in TcPat.newLitInst
; setLIEVar lie_var $ do
{ lift <- newMethodFromName orig id_ty DsMeta.liftName
{ lift <- newMethodFromName orig id_ty' DsMeta.liftName
-- Put the 'lift' constraint into the right LIE
-- Update the pending splices
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