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Couldn't match expected type `(->) Char' against inferred type `IO'
Probable cause: `putChar' is applied to too many arguments
In the expression: putChar 'a'
Couldn't match expected type `Char -> b'
against inferred type `IO b1'
In a 'do' expression: putChar 'a'
In the expression:
do putChar
putChar 'a'
putChar 'a'
putChar 'a'
In the definition of `foo':
foo = do putChar
putChar 'a'
putChar 'a'
Couldn't match expected type `[a]' against inferred type `()'
Expected type: Bool -> [a]
Inferred type: Bool -> ()
In the first argument of `a', namely `y'
In the expression: a y
In the definition of `c': c = a y
Couldn't match expected type `Bool -> [a]'
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