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Clarify users' guide section on GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving

It seemed to imply that GHC was generating infelicitous code when it
actually wasn't. Fixes #12047.

Reviewers: hvr, bgamari, austin

Reviewed By: austin

Subscribers: thomie, Iceland_jack

Differential Revision:

GHC Trac Issues: #12047
parent 3f20da1c
......@@ -3814,16 +3814,26 @@ Generalising the deriving clause
GHC now permits such instances to be derived instead, using the flag
:ghc-flag:`-XGeneralizedNewtypeDeriving`, so one can write ::
newtype Dollars = Dollars Int deriving (Eq,Show,Num)
newtype Dollars = Dollars { getDollars :: Int } deriving (Eq,Show,Num)
and the implementation uses the *same* ``Num`` dictionary for
``Dollars`` as for ``Int``. Notionally, the compiler derives an instance
declaration of the form ::
``Dollars`` as for ``Int``. In other words, GHC will generate something that
resembles the following code ::
instance Num Int => Num Dollars
which just adds or removes the ``newtype`` constructor according to the
and then attempt to simplify the ``Num Int`` context as much as possible.
GHC knows that there is a ``Num Int`` instance in scope, so it is able to
discharge the ``Num Int`` constraint, leaving the code that GHC actually
generates ::
instance Num Dollars
One can think of this instance being implementated with the same code as the
``Num Int`` instance, but with ``Dollars`` and ``getDollars`` added wherever
necessary in order to make it typecheck. (In practice, GHC uses a somewhat
different approach to code generation. See the :ref:`precise-gnd-specification`
section below for more details.)
We can also derive instances of constructor classes in a similar way.
For example, suppose we have implemented state and failure monad
......@@ -3876,6 +3886,8 @@ declarations are treated uniformly (and implemented just by reusing the
dictionary for the representation type), *except* ``Show`` and ``Read``,
which really behave differently for the newtype and its representation.
.. _precise-gnd-specification:
A more precise specification
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