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more docs for GHC_PACKAGE_PATH
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......@@ -298,6 +298,7 @@ $ export GHC_PACKAGE_PATH=$HOME/.my-ghc-packages.conf:</screen>
<para>To check whether your <literal>GHC_PACKAGE_PATH</literal> setting
is doing the right thing, <literal>ghc-pkg list</literal> will list all
the databases in use, in the reverse order they are searched.</para>
......@@ -403,6 +404,15 @@ $ export GHC_PACKAGE_PATH=$HOME/.my-ghc-packages.conf:</screen>
options are given, the rightmost one is used as the database to act
<para>If the environment variable <literal>GHC_PACKAGE_PATH</literal> is
set, and its value does not end in a separator (<literal>:</literal> on
Unix, <literal>;</literal> on Windows), then the last database is
considered to be the global database, and will be modified by default by
<literal>ghc-pkg</literal>. The intention here is that
<literal>GHC_PACKAGE_PATH</literal> can be used to create a virtual
package environment into which Cabal packages can be installed without
setting anything other than <literal>GHC_PACKAGE_PATH</literal>.</para>
<para>The <literal>ghc-pkg</literal> program may be run in the ways listed
below. Where a package name is required, the package can be named in
full including the version number
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