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Remove -funfolding-update-in-place flag documentation

This flag does nothing, and should have been removed ages ago. (GHC
no longer does update-in-place.)

MERGE to 6.8 branch
parent ba206f7e
......@@ -375,7 +375,6 @@ isStaticFlag f =
......@@ -1346,13 +1346,6 @@
<entry>Tweak unfolding settings</entry>
<entry>Tweak unfolding settings</entry>
......@@ -1600,24 +1600,6 @@ f "2" = 2
<para>Switches on an experimental "optimisation".
Switching it on makes the compiler a little keener to
inline a function that returns a constructor, if the
context is that of a thunk.
x = plusInt a b
If we inlined plusInt we might get an opportunity to use
update-in-place for the thunk 'x'.</para>
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