Commit d518e8f1 authored by Duncan Coutts's avatar Duncan Coutts

Fix recent rts flags changes on windows

I naively assumed that mingw would not have unistd.h or sys/types
but it has both, yet does not have getuid() and friends.
parent c439818a
......@@ -536,7 +536,7 @@ void setupRtsFlags (int *argc, char *argv[])
static void checkSuid(RtsOptsEnabledEnum enabled)
#if defined(HAVE_UNISTD_H) && defined(HAVE_SYS_TYPES_H)
#if defined(HAVE_UNISTD_H) && defined(HAVE_SYS_TYPES_H) && !defined(mingw32_HOST_OS)
if (enabled == RtsOptsSafeOnly) {
/* This doesn't cover linux/posix capabilities like CAP_DAC_OVERRIDE,
we'd have to link with -lcap for that. */
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