Commit d53e81c0 authored by Niklas Hambüchen's avatar Niklas Hambüchen Committed by Ben Gamari

8.10 Release notes for atomic .o writes [skip ci]

parent 1500f089
......@@ -315,6 +315,21 @@ Template Haskell
Build system
- GHC now writes ``.o`` files atomically, resulting in reduced chances
of truncated files when a build is cancelled or the computer crashes.
This fixes numerous bug reports in Stack and Cabal where GHC was not
able to recover from such situations by itself and users reported having
to clean the build directory.
Other file types are not yet written atomically.
Users that observe related problems should report them on
`GHC issue #14533 <>`__.
This fix is part of the
`Stack initiative to get rid of persistent build errors due to non-atomic
file writes across the Haskell tooling ecosystem
Included libraries
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