Commit d57f2ad3 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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Ignore Tickish Breakpoints when serialising Core into interface files

This fixes Trac #8333

Thanks to 'klao', who identified the cause and provided the patch
parent d85550e5
......@@ -1837,13 +1837,17 @@ toIfaceExpr (Case s x ty as)
| otherwise = IfaceCase (toIfaceExpr s) (getFS x) (map toIfaceAlt as)
toIfaceExpr (Let b e) = IfaceLet (toIfaceBind b) (toIfaceExpr e)
toIfaceExpr (Cast e co) = IfaceCast (toIfaceExpr e) (toIfaceCoercion co)
toIfaceExpr (Tick t e) = IfaceTick (toIfaceTickish t) (toIfaceExpr e)
toIfaceExpr (Tick t e)
| Just t' <- toIfaceTickish t = IfaceTick t' (toIfaceExpr e)
| otherwise = toIfaceExpr e
toIfaceTickish :: Tickish Id -> IfaceTickish
toIfaceTickish (ProfNote cc tick push) = IfaceSCC cc tick push
toIfaceTickish (HpcTick modl ix) = IfaceHpcTick modl ix
toIfaceTickish _ = panic "toIfaceTickish"
toIfaceTickish :: Tickish Id -> Maybe IfaceTickish
toIfaceTickish (ProfNote cc tick push) = Just (IfaceSCC cc tick push)
toIfaceTickish (HpcTick modl ix) = Just (IfaceHpcTick modl ix)
toIfaceTickish (Breakpoint {}) = Nothing
-- Ignore breakpoints, since they are relevant only to GHCi, and
-- should not be serialised (Trac #8333)
toIfaceBind :: Bind Id -> IfaceBinding
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