Commit d8228fd4 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Add x86_64 support for the add-with-carry op

parent 98acdf08
......@@ -1841,6 +1841,19 @@ genCCall64 target dest_regs args =
(CmmPrim (MO_S_QuotRem width) _, _) -> divOp True width dest_regs args
(CmmPrim (MO_U_QuotRem width) _, _) -> divOp False width dest_regs args
(CmmPrim (MO_Add2 width) _, [CmmHinted res_h _, CmmHinted res_l _]) ->
case args of
[CmmHinted arg_x _, CmmHinted arg_y _] ->
do hCode <- getAnyReg (CmmLit (CmmInt 0 width))
lCode <- getAnyReg (CmmMachOp (MO_Add width) [arg_x, arg_y])
let size = intSize width
reg_l = getRegisterReg True (CmmLocal res_l)
reg_h = getRegisterReg True (CmmLocal res_h)
code = hCode reg_h `appOL`
lCode reg_l `snocOL`
ADC size (OpImm (ImmInteger 0)) (OpReg reg_h)
return code
_ -> panic "genCCall64: Wrong number of arguments/results for add2"
(CmmPrim _ (Just mkStmts), results) ->
stmtsToInstrs (mkStmts results args)
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