Commit d8e8d85d authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2005-02-14 16:49:50 by simonmar]

Improve the module-not-found error message when we didn't actually
search for it anywhere.  This happens when we know all the places it
might be: either in the current program, or a package.
parent 7c49d9d4
......@@ -429,6 +429,8 @@ cantFindError dflags mod_name find_result
<+> ppr pkg)
NotFound files
| null files
-> ptext SLIT("it is not a module in the current program, or in any known package.")
| verbosity dflags < 3
-> ptext SLIT("use -v to see a list of the files searched for")
| otherwise
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