Commit d9d46328 authored by Ömer Sinan Ağacan's avatar Ömer Sinan Ağacan

Schedule.c: remove unreachable code block

parent b120e649
...@@ -1918,13 +1918,6 @@ delete_threads_and_gc: ...@@ -1918,13 +1918,6 @@ delete_threads_and_gc:
throwToSelf(cap, main_thread, heapOverflow_closure); throwToSelf(cap, main_thread, heapOverflow_closure);
} }
} }
#if defined(SPARKBALANCE)
/* JB
Once we are all together... this would be the place to balance all
spark pools. No concurrent stealing or adding of new sparks can
occur. Should be defined in Sparks.c. */
balanceSparkPoolsCaps(n_capabilities, capabilities);
#if defined(THREADED_RTS) #if defined(THREADED_RTS)
stgFree(idle_cap); stgFree(idle_cap);
...@@ -284,21 +284,6 @@ traverseSparkQueue (evac_fn evac, void *user, Capability *cap) ...@@ -284,21 +284,6 @@ traverseSparkQueue (evac_fn evac, void *user, Capability *cap)
sparkPoolSize(pool), pool->bottom, pool->top); sparkPoolSize(pool), pool->bottom, pool->top);
} }
/* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* balanceSparkPoolsCaps: takes an array of capabilities (usually: all
* capabilities) and its size. Accesses all spark pools and equally
* distributes the sparks among them.
* Could be called after GC, before Cap. release, from scheduler.
* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
void balanceSparkPoolsCaps(uint32_t n_caps, Capability caps[])
void balanceSparkPoolsCaps(uint32_t n_caps STG_UNUSED,
Capability caps[] STG_UNUSED) {
barf("not implemented");
#else #else
StgInt StgInt
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