Commit dd9d5b34 authored by Bertram Felgenhauer's avatar Bertram Felgenhauer
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FIX #1910: fix code generated for GDTOI on x86_32

parent aafdba3b
......@@ -1415,18 +1415,9 @@ pprInstr g@(GDTOI src dst)
pprInstr g@(GITOF src dst)
= pprInstr (GITOD src dst)
pprInstr g@(GITOD src dst)
= pprG g (vcat [
hcat [gtab, text "subl $8, %esp ; fnstcw 4(%esp)"],
hcat [gtab, gpush src 0],
hcat [gtab, text "movzwl 4(%esp), ", reg,
text " ; orl $0xC00, ", reg],
hcat [gtab, text "movl ", reg, text ", 0(%esp) ; fldcw 0(%esp)"],
hcat [gtab, text "fistpl 0(%esp)"],
hcat [gtab, text "fldcw 4(%esp) ; movl 0(%esp), ", reg],
hcat [gtab, text "addl $8, %esp"]
reg = pprReg I32 dst
= pprG g (hcat [gtab, text "pushl ", pprReg I32 src,
text " ; ffree %st(7); fildl (%esp) ; ",
gpop dst 1, text " ; addl $4,%esp"])
{- Gruesome swamp follows. If you're unfortunate enough to have ventured
this far into the jungle AND you give a Rat's Ass (tm) what's going
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