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document -V in the +RTS --help outpout

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......@@ -394,9 +394,12 @@ usage_text[] = {
" -N<n> Use <n> PVMish processors in parallel (default: 2)",
/* NB: the -N<n> is implemented by the driver!! */
" -C<secs> Context-switch interval in seconds",
" (0 or no argument means switch as often as possible)",
" the default is .02 sec; resolution is .02 sec",
" -C<secs> Context-switch interval in seconds.",
" 0 or no argument means switch as often as possible.",
" Default: 0.02 sec; resolution is set by -V below.",
" -V<secs> Master tick interval in seconds.",
" This sets the resolution for -C and the profile timer -i.",
" Default: 0.02 sec.",
" -vs Trace scheduler events (see also -Ds with -debug)",
" -vt Time-stamp trace messages",
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