Commit e2cce997 authored by Sylvain Henry's avatar Sylvain Henry Committed by Marge Bot

Hadrian: fix source-dist target (#17849)

parent 3cea6795
......@@ -43,15 +43,15 @@ prepareTree dest = do
copyAlexHappyFiles root =
forM_ alexHappyFiles $ \(stg, pkg, inp, srcDir, out) -> do
forM_ alexHappyFiles $ \(stg, pkg, inp, out) -> do
let dir = root -/- buildDir (Context stg pkg vanilla)
srcInputFile = dest -/- pkgPath pkg -/- maybe id (-/-) srcDir inp
srcInputFile = dest -/- pkgPath pkg -/- inp
-- We first make sure that the generated file is... generated.
need [ dir -/- out ]
-- We then copy the generated file in the source dist, right
-- next to the input file.
copyFile (dir -/- out)
(dest -/- pkgPath pkg -/- maybe id (-/-) srcDir out)
(dest -/- pkgPath pkg -/- out)
-- We finally add a ".source" suffix to the input file to
-- prevent it from being used when building GHC, since the
-- generated file being there already should prevent
......@@ -134,23 +134,13 @@ prepareTree dest = do
, "llvm-passes"
-- (stage, package, input file, dir, output file)
-- where "dir" is the subdirectory of the package's directory
-- where the input file resides and where we're supposed to
-- put the output file, in the source distribution.
-- This list was taken from The treatment of those
-- alex/happy files is exactly the one implemented in,
-- where Make ends up calling 'sdist-ghc-file' on all those
-- files, which implements exactly the logic that we
-- have for 'alexHappyFiles' above.
-- (stage, package, input file, output file)
alexHappyFiles =
[ (Stage0, compiler, "Parser.y", Just ("GHC" -/- "Cmm"), "Parser.hs")
, (Stage0, compiler, "Lexer.x", Just ("GHC" -/- "Cmm"), "Lexer.hs")
, (Stage0, compiler, "Parser.y", Just "parser", "Parser.hs")
, (Stage0, compiler, "Lexer.x", Just "parser", "Lexer.hs")
, (Stage0, hpcBin, "HpcParser.y", Nothing, "HpcParser.hs")
, (Stage0, genprimopcode, "Parser.y", Nothing, "Parser.hs")
, (Stage0, genprimopcode, "Lexer.x", Nothing, "Lexer.hs")
[ (Stage0, compiler, "GHC/Cmm/Parser.y", "GHC/Cmm/Parser.hs")
, (Stage0, compiler, "GHC/Cmm/Lexer.x", "GHC/Cmm/Lexer.hs")
, (Stage0, compiler, "parser/Parser.y", "Parser.hs")
, (Stage0, compiler, "parser/Lexer.x", "Lexer.hs")
, (Stage0, hpcBin, "HpcParser.y", "HpcParser.hs")
, (Stage0, genprimopcode, "Parser.y", "Parser.hs")
, (Stage0, genprimopcode, "Lexer.x", "Lexer.hs")
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