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Insufficient rewriting during flattening. This fixes #5668.

parent 7d13e504
......@@ -558,18 +558,57 @@ flatten d ctxt ty
= do { (xi, co) <- flatten d ctxt ty'
; return (xi,co) }
-- The following is tedious to do:
-- DV: The following is tedious to do but maybe we should return to this
-- Preserve type synonyms if possible
-- ; if no_flattening
-- then return (xi, mkReflCo xi,no_flattening) -- Importantly, not xi!
-- else return (xi,co,no_flattening)
-- }
flatten _d ctxt v@(TyVarTy _)
flatten d ctxt v@(TyVarTy _)
= do { ieqs <- getInertEqs
; let co = liftInertEqsTy ieqs ctxt v -- co :: v ~ xi
new_ty = pSnd (liftedCoercionKind co)
; return (new_ty, mkSymCo co) } -- return xi ~ v
; let co = liftInertEqsTy ieqs ctxt v -- co : v ~ ty
ty = pSnd (liftedCoercionKind co)
; if v `eqType` ty then
return (ty,mkReflCo ty)
else -- NB recursive call. Why? See Note [Non-idempotent inert substitution]
-- Actually I believe that applying the substition only *twice* will suffice
do { (ty_final,co') <- flatten d ctxt ty -- co' : ty_final ~ ty
; return (ty_final,co' `mkTransCo` mkSymCo co) } }
Note [Non-idempotent inert substitution]
The inert substitution is not idempotent in the broad sense. It is only idempotent in
that it cannot rewrite the RHS of other inert equalities any further. An example of such
an inert substitution is:
[Ś] g1 : ta8 ~ ta4
[W] g2 : ta4 ~ a5Fj
Observe that the wanted cannot rewrite the solved goal, despite the fact that ta4 appears on
an RHS of an equality. Now, imagine a constraint:
[W] g3: ta8 ~ Int
coming in. If we simply apply once the inert substitution we will get:
[W] g3_1: ta4 ~ Int
and because potentially ta4 is untouchable we will try to insert g3_1 in the inert set,
getting a panic since the inert only allows ONE equation per LHS type variable (as it
For this reason, when we reach to flatten a type variable, we flatten it recursively,
so that we can make sure that the inert substitution /is/ fully applied.
This insufficient rewriting was the reason for #5668.
flatten d ctxt (AppTy ty1 ty2)
= do { (xi1,co1) <- flatten d ctxt ty1
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