Commit ea033094 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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the Unknown types aren't required now

parent 568e6b65
......@@ -191,8 +191,7 @@ basicKnownKeyNames
otherwiseIdName, inlineIdName,
plusIntegerName, timesIntegerName,
eqStringName, assertName, breakpointName, breakpointCondName,
breakpointAutoName, opaqueTyConName, unknownTyConName,
unknown1TyConName, unknown2TyConName, unknown3TyConName,
breakpointAutoName, opaqueTyConName,
assertErrorName, runSTRepName,
printName, fstName, sndName,
......@@ -503,10 +502,6 @@ assertName = varQual gHC_BASE FSLIT("assert") assertIdKey
breakpointName = varQual gHC_BASE FSLIT("breakpoint") breakpointIdKey
breakpointCondName= varQual gHC_BASE FSLIT("breakpointCond") breakpointCondIdKey
breakpointAutoName= varQual gHC_BASE FSLIT("breakpointAuto") breakpointAutoIdKey
unknownTyConName = tcQual gHC_BASE FSLIT("Unknown") unknownTyConKey
unknown1TyConName = tcQual gHC_BASE FSLIT("Unknown1") unknown1TyConKey
unknown2TyConName = tcQual gHC_BASE FSLIT("Unknown2") unknown2TyConKey
unknown3TyConName = tcQual gHC_BASE FSLIT("Unknown3") unknown3TyConKey
opaqueTyConName = tcQual gHC_BASE FSLIT("Opaque") opaqueTyConKey
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