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users-guide: document :set local-config

Document the ':set local-config' command and add a warning about
sourcing untrusted local .ghci scripts.

Related: ghc/ghc#6017
Related: ghc/ghc#14250
parent aa490b35
......@@ -2649,6 +2649,17 @@ commonly used commands.
Sets the command used by :ghci-cmd:`:edit` to ⟨cmd⟩.
.. ghci-cmd:: :set local-config; ⟨source|ignore⟩
If ``ignore``, :file:`./.ghci` files will be ignored (sourcing
untrusted local scripts is a security risk). The default is
``source``. Set this directive in your user :file:`.ghci`
script, i.e. before the local script would be sourced.
Even when set to ``ignore``, a local script will still be
processed if given by :ghc-flag:`-ghci-script` on the command
line, or sourced via :ghci-cmd:`:script`.
.. ghci-cmd:: :set prog; ⟨prog⟩
.. index::
......@@ -3133,6 +3144,12 @@ three subdirectories A, B and C, you might put the following lines in
fact it works to set it using :ghci-cmd:`:set` like this. The changes won't take
effect until the next :ghci-cmd:`:load`, though.)
.. warning::
Sourcing untrusted :file:`./.ghci` files is a security risk.
They can contain arbitrary commands that will be executed as the
user. Use :ghci-cmd:`:set local-config` to inhibit the
processing of :file:`./.ghci` files.
Once you have a library of GHCi macros, you may want to source them from
separate files, or you may want to source your ``.ghci`` file into your
running GHCi session while debugging it
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