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Avoid segfault when ticky file argument is stderr

If you compiled a program with -ticky and ran it with:
./foo +RTS -rstderr -RTS
the result would be a segfault. This was because the RTS interprets stderr to
mean "use debugBelch to print out messages," and sets the ticky file pointer
to NULL as a result, but PrintTickyInfo (the function in Ticky.c that prints
out the ticky report) wasn't checking for NULL.

I changed PrintTickyInfo to check whether the ticky file pointer is NULL and 
output to stderr if so.

Also removed an unused import from CodeOutput.lhs.
parent cdfe9b08
......@@ -30,8 +30,6 @@ import Cmm ( Cmm )
import HscTypes
import DynFlags
import StaticFlags ( opt_DoTickyProfiling )
import ErrUtils ( dumpIfSet_dyn, showPass, ghcExit )
import Outputable
import Pretty ( Mode(..), printDoc )
......@@ -110,6 +110,14 @@ PrintTickyInfo(void)
FILE *tf = RtsFlags.TickyFlags.tickyFile;
/* If tf = NULL, that means the user passed in stderr for the ticky stats
file. According to a comment in RtsFlags.c, this means to use
debugBelch to print out messages. But this function prints out a lot
of stuff so in order to avoid changing a lot of code, we just dump
the same output to stderr (for now). */
if( tf == NULL )
tf = stderr;
/* krc: avoid dealing with this just now */
fprintf(tf,"\n\nALLOCATIONS: %ld (%ld words total: %ld admin, %ld goods, %ld slop)\n",
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